Framing Top Tips

  1. Photos, artwork etc. should always have a mount (custom framing / anatomy of a frame). This ensures that the work is not up against the glass and therefore there is an air gap which protects from mildew caused by condensation.

  2. Always choose framing which suits the individual piece, not the area where it will be hung. Remember, a properly framed picture will be around for many, many years while wall colours, furniture etc. will change many times. At frameworks we will give you the best advice to frame your treasured artwork.

  3. Never hang your picture in direct sunlight. Over time, even with conservation UV protection glass fading will occur.

  4. The mount on your picture should be relatively neutral and as wide as possible. This ensures that the eye is drawn to the work and not the framing. Remember, correct picture framing should enhance the image, not overpower it.

  5. Depending on where the work will be hung, try to position it at eye level. This will greatly enhance your enjoyment of your artwork.